Welcome to the home of Ontario Fantasy Movies.
We are a small independent (Indie) all in one movie company.
We are very proudly Canadian. (from Oshawa, Ontario)
Fantasy is our first love, but not our only one
Snap Clarington did an article on us

OFM Canadian Flag

Completed Projects

3 Friends summon the spirit of Ashmedai an evil ancient being.
Examining God with Dr. Benjamin Schumacher. Science vs Religion
4 friends are magically teleported to a world of fantasy
Our heroes return to continue the battle.
A prostitute becomes desperate to get a new life
A brother and sister survive a post apocolyptic event and search for more survivors.
A volunteer group helping a local musem start dying off.
Trish is about to go out with a horrible killing monster, again. How can little brother Chris save her?

Current Projects

A young girls troubles vs her parents, her school, her entire world.
A crazy search for a hot chick ensues after one friend has a night he will never forget.
With the Strawberry spring a thick fog rolls in to a small college campus, and it brings with it Springheel Jack, a serial killer.

Future Projects

A priest loses all faith, can he be redeemed?
A escape pod crash lands on an alien planet, a small group must survive and pray that help is on it's way
A super geek (Richard) must leave his prom queen wife (Tamara) for work.
Richard is quite worried she will leave him.
4 coworkers eat at the same diner everyday
It's the final showdown for our heroes