Welcome to the online home of Ontario Fantasy Movies.
We are a small (some times too small) independent (Indie)
All in one Canadian movie production company.
(That means, we write/cast/film/record sound/edit/distribute everything ourselves!!!)
We are very proudly Canadian. (from Oshawa, Ontario)
Fantasy is our first love, but not our only one
We have broken in to Documentaries, Drama.
We have a few comedy scripts we hope to bring to the screen soon too!
Snap Clarington did an article on us

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Completed Projects

Demon Father is a short film that is about 3 Friends, who summon the spirit of Ashmedai an evil ancient being. Ashmedai needs souls to reclaim his former power, an old farm house near by has plenty of souls for him.

Examining God with Dr. Benjamin Schumacher. Science vs Religion. Is a documentary Q&A style. The first part of a series that Marty Hamrick wants to film.
Fantasy Realm is a short film that is a semi-larp where we have 4 friends that are magically teleported to a world of fantasy
Fantasy Realm 2 is also a short film and is the sequel, in it our heroes return to continue the battle.
Meretrix is a short film, we applied to Bravo for funding. this is the story of a girl who was forced in to prostitution who now desperately wants to get out.
(this was deemed "Too Dark" by Bravo)

Survivors is a quite long short film, is the story of a brother and sister who survive an apocalyptic event and search for more survivors.
The Museum is a long short film that tells the story of a volunteer group that help a local museum open for the season each year, but this year some of them start dying off.
Undead Boyfriend is a short film (the final for film school), it is about Trish and that she is about to go out with a horrible killing monster, again. How can little brother Chris save her?

Masks is a short film, (also applied to Bravo for funding), it is a coming of age story where one girl wants to be different then everyone. She wants to literally and figuratively shed her mask.

Fantasy Realm : New Begining was shot. Partially edited, then a computer crash lost the footage.

Current Projects

Strawberry Spring is a short story from Stephen King's Night Shift Collection, and With a Strawberry spring a thick fog rolls in to a small college campus, and it brings with it Springheel Jack, a serial killer.
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil is a slated to be a short film, is about a crazy search for a hot chick that ensues after one friend is incredible mean to a great girl.
We are remaking Demon Father. With everything we learned over 4 years, this will be the way it should have been.

Future Projects

Enchanted Richard is a short film, it is a risque story about a super geek (Richard) that must leave his prom queen wife (Tamara) for work.
Richard is quite worried she will leave him.
Paranormal Consequences : Is about a small family, a haunted house and their quest to survive.

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